Perfway Beta Launch : streamlining RFPs and powering collaboration in Performance Marketing

May 13, 2024
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Alex Martin-Rosset

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the beta launch of Perfway's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a closed beta phase with select partners!

If you're tired of disorganized RFPs, missed opportunities, and the time wasted in the Performance Marketing partner search, Perfway is the solution you've been waiting for.

With its focus on data-driven insights and collaboration, Perfway has the potential to streamline the RFP process, bringing increased efficiency and transparency for both Brands and MarTech providers.

Perfway: Experience-Driven, Collaboration Focus

Perfway: Experience-Driven, Collaboration Focus

With over 15 years of experience in Performance Marketing, I've seen the industry's challenges firsthand. My background, which includes co-founding Capital Koala, a successful loyalty and cashback publisher, gives me deep insight into the frustrations and potential within this landscape. That's why I built Perfway – to solve those pain points and unlock the power of collaboration for everyone involved.

Solving the Performance Marketing RFP Challenges

The Performance Marketing landscape is growing fast, with hundreds of thousands of brands and retailers looking to optimize their marketing results for more ROI. Finding the right technology partners in this dynamic environment can be overwhelming.

As Performance Marketers ourselves, we know firsthand the frustrations of navigating fragmented RFP processes, endless email chains, and miscommunication. That's why we built Perfway – a Paris-based focused on revolutionizing the European market (with plans to expand to the US tomorrow) – to streamline the process, bring data-driven insights, and foster genuine collaboration between brands and MarTech partners.

"Perfway streamlines the entire RFP process, allowing us to build stronger relationships with potential brand partners right from the start." – Paul Mazouer, Sales Director Affiliate at Rakuten Advertising."

Beyond Generic Tools

Traditional project management tools simply aren't built for the dynamic world of Performance Marketing. Perfway stands apart with key features designed for your success:.

• Collaborative Workspace: Say goodbye to scattered communications. Perfway's workspace is built for seamless interaction, alignment, and partnership building between brands and MarTech companies.

• Customizable RFPs: Perfway's RFP templates save time and ensure you capture the specific information that matters most to your brand.

• Data-Driven Decisions: Easily access insights and compare MarTech solutions side-by-side to make the most informed choices for your marketing strategy.

• Focus on Outcomes: Perfway helps you identify the MarTech partners who align with your goals, leading to tangible results in your Performance Marketing efforts.

"Perfway will transform how we source MarTech solutions. Their data-driven insights and focus on collaboration will led to better partnerships and a significant boost in our marketing ROI." – Maxime Turquin, Head of Affiliation & Display at Fnac Darty."

The Journey Has Just Begun

We're receiving incredible feedback from our beta partners, and the potential of Perfway is just beginning to unfold. This launch marks an exciting step in revolutionizing the way Performance Marketing partnerships are formed, and we can't wait for you to join us!

If you're ready to streamline your RFP process, build stronger relationships, and achieve breakthrough results, Perfway invites you to join the waitlist on our homepage and be among the first to experience our platform!

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Perfway Beta Launch : streamlining RFPs and powering collaboration in Performance Marketing

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