Forge High Performing Affiliate Partnerships with the Right Tech Partner

Forward-thinking Brands and MarTechs choose Perfway to streamline prospecting, collaborate on RFPs, and secure winning partnerships – with a creative, data-driven edge.

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Leading European Brands & MarTech use Perfway

Accelerate Affiliate Marketing Success with the Comprehensive RFP Solution

Perfway streamlines Affiliate Marketing RFPs for maximum ROI: Strategically benchmark, launch with ease, craft modern-creative briefs & proposals, and confidently secure successful partnerships.

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How it works

Ready to enter the new world of Affiliate Partnership?

Gain unprecedented Intelligence

Accelerate your Affiliate Marketing growth with data-driven insights. Access market data, benchmark your strategy, and discover emerging trends by analyzing top European Brands.

Craft the perfect RFP

Customize visibility (public/private), target niche MarTechs or wider options, and tailor your process – from streamlined to multi-stage. Get personalized support from the Perfway team – crafting RFPs has never been simpler.

Win more RFPs with modern proposals

Dynamic proposals that showcase your MarTech's data-driven insights. Embed interactive demos, case studies, pricing calculators, and more – ditch those static PDFs and impress decision-makers.

Enhance performance with collaborative RFPs

Streamline communication from briefing to contract signing, exchange data-driven feedback with Advertisers, and gain actionable insights to continually improve your proposals.

Trusted by Leading European Brands & MarTech

“Perfway's customized RFPs unlock a significant marketing ROI boost by connecting us with the perfect MarTech partner.”
Maxime Turquin
Head of Affiliation & Display at Fnac Darty
“Perfway streamlines collaboration with Brands, making RFPs smoother and ensuring a win-win from the start.”
Anne Borchiellini
Sales Director at Webgains
“Perfway makes Brands onboarding seamless; their modern briefs instantly give us the insights we need to deliver the best proposal.”
Paul Mazouer
Sales Director Affiliate at Rakuten Advertising

Your key to high ROI Affiliate Marketing partnerships:
Perfway is the only platform built for this purpose

Collaborate seamlessly with top Brands/MarTechs, craft content-rich briefs & proposals, and win the partnerships you deserve.

Intelligence and upgraded RFP

Gain attention and attract top MarTech partners by publishing a data-driven RFP summary.
Optimize onboarding and first rounds to quickly identify the ideal MarTech partner and accelerate your sales growth.

Gain early access to promising RFPs, track summaries, and streamline your pre-qualification process. Act decisively with Brands through targeted feedback.

Create your high-performing brief

Quickly craft conversion-focused brief using our content-rich templates and intuitive drag and drop editor. Intuitively express your brand voice, outline your current situation, and define your desired outcomes.

Simplify collaboration by setting clear RFP rounds, interactive timeline, and expectations – all in a format proven visual impact as a mini-website with dynamic texts, links, images, videos..etc. Everything is truly customizable. No more static PDF or PPT.
Streamline MarTech selection and optimize your team's time with personalized deal rooms. Quickly identify top MarTech solutions, focusing on those aligned with your specific needs.

RFP proposals that stand out and inspire trust

Boost your RFP win rate with Perfway's advanced proposal features. Impress prospects with product demos, testimonials videos, presentations, Q&A, contracts, pricing calculators, and more – all in a streamlined, engaging format.

Simplify RFP collaboration and streamline processes with Perfway : centralize files and communication, feedback and revisions, replacing endless follow-up emails and disorganized attachments.
Accelerate proposal creation and drive sales success with Perfway's customizable templates. Empower sales teams to strategically craft proposals, dynamically revealing sections that resonate most with each Brand's RFP timeline.

Negotiate and eSign contracts with ease

Perfway ensures security and efficiency in Affiliate Marketing contract finalization.

Protect confidential information, streamline negotiations with legally binding eSignatures, and easily manage Advertiser and MarTech legal team approvals with signature workflows and mandatory fields.

Affiliate Marketing RFPs Made Creative and Efficient

With Perfway, RFPs are no longer centered on time-consuming administrative forms that tie up resources, kill differentiation and demotivate all stakeholders.


faster RFP creation & onboarding


saved each year on RFP sourcing


Increases in sales efficiency and productivity

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Natively integrated with your existing tools

CRM, Drive & Files, Forms, Videos, Notifications, Scheduling, eSignature.
Perfway works with them all to free your team of time-consuming tasks and content import.

Your questions answered.

What is Perfway Affiliate Intelligence ?

Perfway Affiliate Intelligence empowers Brands to succeed in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

Our data-driven platform provides the insights you need to make informed, strategic decisions.

We analyze vast datasets from tens of thousands of websites, apps first-party analytics (e.g., Google Analytics), and proprietary partner sources (e.g., Semrush) across Europe, providing unparalleled visibility into Brands and Affiliate Networks.

Advanced machine learning ensures accuracy, giving you unparalleled visibility into Brands and Affiliate Networks across industries, MarTech categories, and countries.

With Perfway, you gain the statistically representative datasets for intelligent decision-making and confident growth in Performance Marketing.

Tomorrow, Perfway will connect your direct measurement tools to our vast dataset. This will unlocks unprecedented market context, advanced analytics, and optimized estimations. Our intelligence engine will deliver powerful insights directly through our platform and API, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for intelligent growth.

Brands and MarTechs profiles on Perfway Affiliate Intelligence.

To ensure easy searching, we maintain a single profile per Brand or MarTech.

If your company has rebranded or needs category changes, please contact our support team. Perfway manages profile names and key details for accuracy – contact customer support to request updates.

Profile names should reflect the official Brand or MarTech name without descriptions, marketing terms, or symbols.

Perfway does not list business-to-consumer (B2C) products or products in alpha, beta, or early access stages of development. Extensions of existing products might also be excluded. Contact us if you believe there's an error in listing eligibility.

Brands launching multiple RFPs should create separate index lines and RFP summary pages for each. This helps MarTechs easily identify the most relevant RFPs.

We keep active Brands and MarTechs listed to provide comprehensive industry information. Removals are considered only for major changes like mergers or acquisitions. Contact customer support for removal requests.

Brands and MarTechs may appear in multiple categories if they genuinely fit the requirements. However, profiles are classified as either Brand or MarTech, not both.

What is an RFP?

Perfway's RFP (Request for Proposal) tool simplifies the process for Brands & Retailers to find ideal MarTech partners in the realm of Affiliate Networks, Marketing Agencies (soon), and Tech Solutions (soon).

It establishes a structured framework to define your Affiliate Marketing needs, goals, and evaluation criteria. Qualified MarTechs then submit tailored proposals, allowing you to make informed decisions based on their solutions, expertise, and pricing.

Perfway's unique RFP approach with enrich content workspaces eliminates the mess of traditional B2B negotiations involving cluttered email chains and spreadsheets.

Instead, our streamlined platform boosts efficiency, promotes consistency, and helps your company scale for success. Our goal is to enable businesses of all sizes to gain a competitive edge through effective partner selection.

As a Brand, what happens once Perfway receives my RFP intention ?

Don't risk your time and advertising budget on quick decisions about Affiliate Networks.

Too often, Brands (especially smaller ones) are disappointed after hasty choices based on a simple Google search or sales call.

Optimize your investment with Perfway's RFP process and find the MarTech partner that truly aligns with your unique needs and positioning.
We offer a flexible RFP approach tailored to you: quick or detailed, private or public, national or European-wide.

Once you submit your RFP intention, our team carefully reviews it, ensuring we understand your vision. We'll clarify any questions and support you throughout the entire process.

Change your mindset: It's not just about the Brand seeking the MarTech; the right MarTech should strive to understand you. Perfway facilitates this mutual approach for optimal success. We understand the size, budget, timeline, and complexity matter in partner selection.

A better Affiliate Marketing strategy starts with the best-fitting tech partner.

How does Perfway streamline the RFP process for MarTechs ?

Perfway enrich content workspaces revolutionize your sales process!

Imagine a single hub where all your essential brand and sales assets live – demos, presentations, testimonials, case studies – always up-to-date and instantly accessible.

No more digging through emails or outdated folders. Provide a seamless experience for potential partners, streamline collaboration, and close deals faster.
Customize your workspaces to reflect your brand and tailor them to specific RFPs (long, short, or based on advertiser size).

Track engagement with powerful analytics – see what content resonates most and with whom. This data is sales and marketing gold!

Perfway integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, and more, making it the perfect centerpiece for your sales tech stack.

Our mutual action plan feature adds another layer of efficiency, assigning tasks, deadlines, and keeping the RFP process moving smoothly.

What are the pricing options for Brands and MarTechs interested in Perfway's solutions?

Perfway is currently free during our MVP phase!

We're committed to thorough testing and refinement to ensure we deliver the most powerful platform for the Affiliate Marketing industry.

Once the MVP phase ends, we'll transition to a performance-based model for Advertisers of all sizes. This success-driven fee structure, along with our tailored support options, ensures you only pay when you see results.

For MarTechs, we'll offer flexible monthly plans to fit sales teams of any size.
Ultimately, the cost of using Perfway to streamline your RFP process will be minimal compared to the significant revenue boost you'll experience on both sides.

For Advertisers, no other channel delivers the ROI of Affiliate Marketing. For MarTechs, no other RFP solution offers this unmatched opportunity to find and secure long-lasting, high-value partnerships.

Perfway Data Security and eSignature Options

Perfway prioritizes data protection.

Our platform leverages top-tier cloud services that meet the strictest security standards.

We are fully GDPR-compliant, encrypting contracts and anonymizing personal information.

Your data is never shared without your explicit consent.
Whether it's your personal data or important contracts, Perfway is committed to the highest security standards.

For efficient and secure contract signing, Perfway offers comprehensive eSignature solutions. From NDAs to final partnerships, you can sign legally binding documents from any device with just a click. We support common formats like Word and PDF, documents can be upload from popular file-sharing sites like Google Drive and our eSignatures are court-admissible in most countries worldwide, offering the same legal validity as a traditional ink on a paper signature.

What’s Perfway approach to Generative AI?

Perfway is committed to integrating AI technologies thoughtfully, unlocking new levels of insight and productivity for our users.
Our expert team of data scientists is actively developing innovative AI capabilities. This technology, alongside new LLM advancements, will transform how Brands revenue and MarTech sales teams work, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and insights.

Perfway will progressively responsibly integrates powerful AI into its platform. Our three guiding principles for generative AI are:

• Trustworthy Intelligence: Our AI draws from our vast, verified data on the Performance Marketing Industry, ensuring reliable and relevant output.

• Human-AI Collaboration: Our intuitive interface empowers human oversight, allowing Brands and MarTech teams to easily refine and enhance AI-generated results.

• User Control: We respect choice – each Perfway user, both at a team and individual level, can opt in or out of AI features.


Perfway Beta Launch : streamlining RFPs and powering collaboration in Performance Marketing

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Perfway gives you a strategic edge in Affiliate Marketing RFPs.

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